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week 1 (8/23, 8/25)

August 23

Introduction of the Healthcare Design courses and some sample past projects -

Healthy Environment of the Future

File:HealthcareDesign-overview-s.pdf (Ellen Yi-Luen Do)

Readings for August 23

on readmission

media:Readmission Health Affairs 2011.pdf


on creativity


on health aware home


  • homework - 1. create your personal profile page, 2. write a reflection piece and any questions or concerns from the readings, 3. collect some the readings and post them in your page

on Evidence Based Design


August 25

Presentation: Evidence based Design (Craig Zimring) [EBD-101.pdf]

David's presentation

Problem Formulation (Jeremy Ackerman)

media:New The+Problem+lots+of+examples.pdf

week 2 (8/31, 9/2)

August 31

Panel Discussion

Sept 1

Bob Fallow - lecture on healthcare design challenges

week 3 (9/6, 9/8)

EBD 101 continued - [EBD-101.pdf]

Field Observation Notebook - File:FieldObservationNotebook.pdf

week 4 (9/13, 9/15)

Aware Home Visit

Visit the [Aware Home]

The class will meet at the Aware Home for a tour -

The Aware Home Research Institute 479 10th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30318, USA map

House - 1st floor: 404-385-4092

House - 2nd floor: 404-385-4094

Fax: 404-385-4093

Additional Contact Information

Lab manager/tour/info Brian Jones Office: 404-894-1074

brian.jones AT

Pivoting the Room

Slides by David media:Design Class 110906.pdf or media:Design Class 110906.ppt

week 5 (9/20, 9/22)

Team work and rapid prototyping

Newspaper structure

tipee frame

file1.jpg file6.jpg

rings and drapes

file8.jpg file2.jpg file5.jpg

owning porch

file3.jpg file7.jpg


file4.jpg file9.jpg

week 6 (9/27, 9/29)

Literature review due

- 4 page Lit review paper due 9/29 - with 5 references

1. overview of the readmission problems - writings, ideas, opinions - charts, figure, tables should all be your own (can't just copy and paste other people's illustrations)

2. subgroup it into categories -- could be by types of reasons or illness, or disciplinary perspective, or who/what/when/where/how, etc.

3. select a category and describe a problem - with 3-4 paragraphs

4. Report published solutions offered

5. suggest your own solutions

Turn in your paper by uploading it to your member page on this wiki.

Also, summary these into Pecha Kucha format (20x20) on 9/29 each person will present their Pecha Kucha presentation

Human Centered Design & Ba

Introducing Human Centered Design Process at Steelcase & the Concept of Ba

Open-Source Innovation

Human-Centered Design Toolkit - at IDEO

Joyce Bromberg

How to Turn Research into Innovation Cold

" Putting People First at Steelcase by Joyce Bromberg at CLO Symposium

Check out Ba - Ba for Knowledge Creation

[1] I. Nonaka, H. Takeuchi, The Knowledge Creating Company, Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 1995.

[2] I. Nonaka, N. Konno, The Concept of “Ba”: Building a Foundation for Knowledge Creation. California Management Review, Vol. 40 No.3, pp.40-54.

week 16 (12/6, 12/8)

Final Presentations (December 8th VIP and Public Open House)

week 17 (12/13, 12/15)

Final report due 12/14 Wednesday - or 12/18 Sunday 8 am the latest

Related Readings:

On Healthcare Design

On Healthcare

On Technology

  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with Skype [1]
  • Hornof, A. J. & Cavender, A. (2005). EyeDraw: Enabling children with severe motor impairments to draw with their eyes. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2005: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, New York: ACM, 161-170. PDF file.