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Installation Instructions

Make a directory to checkout code, cd to it then:

wget http://gt-ros-pkg.googlecode.com/git/rcommander/trf_rcommander.rosinstall
rosinstall . trf_rcommander.rosinstall 
rosinstall . /opt/ros/fuerte/

Follow instructions from the last step and insert the state that looks like this "source /home/ishwarya/svn/trf_rcommander/setup.bash" (substitute with your own) into your .bashrc file. After that, type the same command in your terminal (or open up a new one):

rosmake trf_learn

Do the same thing on the robot.

To Run

After ssh'ing into the robot, make sure that you have claimed the robot (robot claim) and started it (robot start). Then (ssh username@c1 if on basestation or laptop):

rosrun trf_learn rcommander_trf.py
roslaunch trf_learn trf_rcommander.launch