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(HRL Coding Standards)
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   def my_function(a, b):
   def my_function(a, b):
       return b*a
       return b*a
== learning python ==
== learning python ==

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HRL Coding Standards

  • In general, we follow the official python coding standards (Python standards) but we will summarize here the relevant key points.
    • Every indent is 4 spaces, replace all tabs with spaces.
    • ClassName, method_name, _private_name
    • Use classes sparingly, please try to define functions whenever possible.
    • Instead of using inheritance, use duck typing (i.e. define interfaces based on conventions)
    • With numpy, use matrices instead of arrays, all vectors should be column vectors.
    • We use doxygen styled comments:
 # some comments
 # @param a is 3x1 point in coordinate frame C
 # @param b is a 3x3 rotation matrix
 # @return a 3x1 vector rotated by b
 def my_function(a, b):
     return b*a

learning python

math, science, numerical, etc.