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80-20 and accessories:
Adruino Board:
Camera Lens (6mm, C mount):
Camera Lens (4-12mm C mount) (NT58-365)
Camera Lens (4mm and 2.8mm focal length CS mount): and
Firewire accessories:

Laser Pointers:
Parabolic Mirror:
PCAN-USB: usb to CAN adaptor for controlling the katana using Unikit. Robotis Servos and accessories:
RS232 / serial cabling:

  • female connector: digikey part number 626-1068-ND
  • female connector pins: digikey part number 626-1075-ND
  • male connector: digikey part number 626-1063-ND
  • male connector pins: digikey part number 626-1074-ND

USB hubs: Belkin 4 port.