PR2 Tool Adapter

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Advait Jain (, Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp

What this does

Adapter that can be used to have the PR2 grab onto different tools. This was inspired by the method used to enable PR2s to grasp flags at the 'PR2 graduation event'.


Image of the solidworks part for the hook that mounts on to an ATI Mini 40 Force/Torque sensor.
  • We designed the hook in Solidworks and printed it on a 3D printer.
  • We also stuck some rubber on the hook. This can be seen in the images of the actual hook. The 3D printed hook is white and the rubber is black in color. We have bought the rubber sheets from and used superglue to stick the rubber to the hook.
  • The mounting holes in the base of the hook match an ATI Mini40 force torque sensor. (