PR2 Arm Control

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Low-level Controllers

Controller Joint Spline Trajectory Controller JTranspose Controller JTranspose Task Controller JInverse Controller End Effector Cartesian Impedance Control
Designer Stuart Glaser Stuart Glaser Adam Leeper Stuart Glaser MIT
Control Type Joint space Cartesian Space Cartesian Space Cartesian Space Cartesian Space
  • Actionlib
  • Command topic
  • Command topic
  • Command topic
  • Command topic
  • Actionlib
  • Command topic
Demonstrated Tasks
  • Planning and manipulation stack
  • Scratch approach ver. 1
  • Trajectory playback
  • Overhead grasping
  • Lightswitch
  • Interactive grasping
  • THEP remote control
  • Door opening
  • Invisible surface
  • Sweeping with broom
  • Brushing on table
  • Writing with pencil
  • Flipping pages in a book
  • Cutting a cake
  • Door opening (not smoothly)
Specify Trajectory Yes No No No Yes
Change Gains on the Fly No Yes Yes No Yes
Integral Control Yes No No No No