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This is the landing page for collecting PR2 related information useful for the Georgia Tech PR2 team. More information on our project can be found in Willow's blog post here.


  • The PR2 must be attended while operating.
  • Always have the wireless run-stop in hand before running the robot.
  • Follow all Willow safety instructions (see links in the reference section)
    • No screws
    • No liquids
    • No sharp objects
    • Don't place stuff on top of the robot (ever!)
    • Don't put fingers where they don't belong
  • When leaving for the night, taking long breaks, etc:
    • Activate the back run-stop
    • Activate the wireless run-stop
    • Place the wireless run-stop, and PS2 game pad on the base station table.
    • Plug the robot into an empty wall socket (IMPORTANT). As the PR2 draws a great deal of power, there is a risk of fire if you plug it into an overloaded socket.
    • Plug a live network cable into its WAN port
    • Place the robot in an appropriate holding area:
      • The preferred location is in the living room area of the lab. Please note that areas near doorways and tight corridors are especially inappropriate as it is nearly impossible/dangerous for untrained personnel to move the robot.
      • Make sure that there isn't anything that will be knocked over/damaged if the robot needs to calibrate.
  • Record faults/exceptions/issues that you spend any significant time fixing on this wiki.
  • Be wary of the grippers and wrist joints as they are normally fairly stiff and have a number of pinch points.


  • Other student's time are important. Try to minimize interruptions.
    1. If you have a question or problem, please Google first before blurting it out in the lab.
    2. If that fails then consult the wikis and mailing list histories (ros-users, pr2-users, pr2-admins, opencv etc).
    3. Then, if the matter is not urgent, send an email (to the appropriate list) as this allow others to schedule when to deal with your issue. Be sure to do your homework and detective work before doing so.
  • Your time is important. Know when to ask others for help.

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