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[[File:Pr2 flex.jpg|x150px]][[File:Pr2 flex.jpg|x150px]][[File:Pr2 flex.jpg|x150px]] [[File:Pr2 flex.jpg|x150px]]
[[File:Pr2 flex.jpg|x120px]][[File:Pr2 flex.jpg|x120px]][[File:Pr2 flex.jpg|x120px]] [[File:Pr2 flex.jpg|x120px]]

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Pr2 flex.jpgPr2 flex.jpgPr2 flex.jpg Pr2 flex.jpg

This is the landing page for collecting PR2 related information useful for the Georgia Tech PR2 team. More information on our project can be found in Willow's blog post here.


  • Always have the wireless run-stop in hand before running the robot.
  • Follow all relevant

General Information



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