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== Command Line Tools ==
* To calibrate the katana:
** /home/unikit/Desktop/Unikit/tools/kni/demo/commands
** ./commands ../../configfiles400/katana6M180.cfg

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The UnikitSDK costs €4880 (not including shipping). Its package contents include:

  • Three motors and three motor controllers in an acrylic box.
  • A power adaptor for the above.
  • USB-CAN adaptor, specifically Peak System's PCAN-USB IPEH-002021 (link)
  • A manual
  • A LiveCD containing Ubuntu 8.04 and the SDK


Advait charlie pinouts.jpg

From conversations with the support staff at Neuronics, we received the following information for interfacing with the Katana:

 Position 1 is a 14Pin Flatband 
 connect  CAN-L to Pin2 and CAN-H to Pin 7 of a D-sub9 Female connector for 
 your white pcan usb inteface. Keep the cables of the dsub9 connector short to 
 avoid reflections on the canbus. (Very important !!)

Also refer to:

Command Line Tools

  • To calibrate the katana:
    • /home/unikit/Desktop/Unikit/tools/kni/demo/commands
    • ./commands ../../configfiles400/katana6M180.cfg