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To be able to ssh to another machine without needing to type your passwd:

Generate keys: $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 1024

Use the default file name and empty pass phrase for password less authentication. This will generate keys in

$ .ssh/

Then secure shell copy to another host as authorized_keys

$ scp ~/.ssh/ <machine name>:~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Instructions copied from:

Additional keys can be named authorized_keys2 and so on.

command line tools: find, sed etc.

The find command is pretty nifty:

  1. find all directories whose name does not contain svn
    • find . ! -path "*.svn*" -type d
  2. remove .svn folders, e.g. after copying a directory which is a local copy of a subversion repository
    • rm -rvf `find . -name "*.svn"`
  3. recursively remove all the .pycs
    • alias rmpyc='rm -vf *.pyc; rm -vf `find . -name *.pyc`'
  4. remove the pesky .pycs from the repository
    • svn rm `find . -name "*.pyc"`

So is sed:

  1. replace update_path with load_manifest. (-i is doing an in-place replace, I believe)
    • sed -i 's/update_path/load_manifest/' `find . -name "*.py"`

udev for persistent device naming