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Installation Instructions

  1. Download and run rosinstall file:
  1. rosmake
rosmake rcommander_pr2_gui pr2_interactive_manipulation
  1. Checkout private data:
svn co ~/vcs/kelsey_robot1
  1. Checkout ros overlays:
FIXME: svn co ~/vcs/pr2_robot
hg clone -u pr2_robot-1.4.0 ~/vcs/pr2_robot
  1. Add overlay for data to private data:
  1. Make robot behaviors link
ln -s vcs/hrl-demo/cbsdemo/robot_behaviors ~/robot_behaviors
  1. Add apache links
sudo ln -s /u/cbsdemo/vcs/rcommander_pr2/rcommander_web/html /var/www/rweb
sudo ln -s /u/cbsdemo/vcs/hrl_assistive/assistive_teleop/website/ /var/www/assistive
  1. Make sure clocks are synchronized
ntpdate -q prj1
ntpdate prj1

Launch Files

robot start
roslaunch henry_manipulation henry_manipulation_robot.launch wg:=false
roslaunch cbsdemo rcommander_robot.launch
roslaunch hrl_face_adls face_adls.launch subject:=kelsey_1
roslaunch assistive_teleop assistive_teleop.launch

Old/Don't use:

roslaunch cbsdemo robot.launch

The "dummy_1" argument will change depending on the model (will eventually be henry_1).

Editing RCommander Behaviors

  1. Mount the robot's behaviors directory on the local machine:
sshfs -o idmap=user cbsdemo@prj:/u/cbsdemo/robot_behaviors/Behaviors /home/haidai/Desktop/pr2_behaviors
  1. Run RCommander
roslaunch rcommander_pr2_gui run_rcommander_pr2.launch

In browser





Change html file to point to your robot (/var/www/rweb/rweb.html). Find this line and change it:

NODE_HANDLE = new ros.NodeHandle("ws://prm:9091");

Edit /var/www/assistive/tab_interface.html to point to your robot.

Assistive Teleop Interface

In updated Chrome browser only: file:///home/kelsey/dev/hrl_assistive/assistive_teleop/website/tab_interface.html