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Our Google code project is organized as a series of repositories, each lab has its own repository. For example, our lab has a repository named gt-ros-pkg.hrl and CPL's is named gt-ros-pkg.cpl. Additionally, each released stack is also its own repository. To create a new repository for your stack, please email one of the maintainers of gt-ros-pkg (Hai or Charlie).

Adding a Repository to the ROS Indexer

The ROS Indexer scans all repositories known by ROS to list its packages on The indexer uses this information to automatically populate documentation pages on It's an important mechanism for users in other labs to discover our packages. To know where to scan for packages, we have given Willow Garage the address of a web accessible rosinstall file that lists all our repositories. To let the indexer know about your new stack, you must modify this rosinstall file to include it. The file lives a special "default" repository on gt-ros-pkg:

Note that the rosinstall file is in the "release" branch so you'll have to first check your additions into "master", test it (IMPORTANT), then merge your changes into "release" where it'll be picked up by the indexer.