GVU/IPaT Research and Engagement Seed Grants

Each year, the GVU Center provides seed grants, with funding support from IPaT, to research initiatives committed to building on our success in interdisciplinary research and innovation in the human experience of computing.

Research Grants provide seed funding to conduct interdisciplinary research. The objective of the Research Grant program is to promote research activities involving faculty and students from the many disciplines represented in the GVU Center. Engagement Grants are designed to foster new sorts of engagements and collaboration, whether internally or externally.


2017-18 Grant Awardees
The GVU Center, IPaT, and GTRI have awarded five projects funding through the 2017-2018 Research and Engagement Grants Program.

All Data Are Local
Yanni Loukissas, Literature, Media, and Communication

Toward Citizen-Centric Infrastructure IoT
Neda Mohammadi, Civil & Environmental Engineering
John Taylor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Gisele Bennett, Electro-Optical Systems Lab, GTRI

Local Data for Local Justice
Ellen Zegura, Computer Science
Amanda Meng, Computer Science
Russ Clark, Research Network Operations Center
Carl DiSalvo, Literature, Media, and Communication

Real-Time Reconstruction and Visualization of Tongue Motion for Speech Therapy
Karen Liu, Interactive Computing
Maysam Ghovanloo, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nostalgic Futures: 25 Years of Imagining Tomorrow
Clint Zeagler, Interactive Media Technology Center
Jay Bolter, Literature, Media, and Communication
Laura Levy, Interactive Media Technology Center
Maribeth Gandy, Interactive Media Technology Center